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Applications of the digital photogrammetry in the studies on shear behavior of concrete beams
Journal of Building Structures, 27(Sup.), 2006: 936-939

Abstract: The incapability in obtaining the deformed specimensí» global displacement and strain fields of current measuring methods, such as linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or strain gauges has become an obstacle to understand the complicated behaviors of concrete beams subjected in shear. Digital photogrammetry is able to capture the global displacement and strain fields in shear span regions of concrete beams, which give substantial experimental results for understanding the concrete behaviors. By introducing a simple projection method and developing efficient algorithms to recognizing digital images, practical digital photogrammetric technique for in-plane measurement is developed. This technique is applied to a series of shear tests of concrete beams with the assistance of in-house software package for post-processing. Preliminary results are obtained.

Keywords: digital photogrammetry; concrete beam; displacement field; shear behavior

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Survey Precision

Precision in the physical space<2~3 mm
Precision in the image space<1~2 pixel
Precision in the physical space<2~3 mm
Precision in the image space<1~2 pixel

The whole process can be finished by computer automatically


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