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*Dec. 03. 2016, Paper uploaded "Quantifying the seismic resilience of two tall buildings designed using Chinese and US codes"

*Nov. 13. 2016, Paper uploaded "Experimental study and finite element analysis of energy dissipating outriggers"

*Nov. 05. 2016, Paper uploaded "Floor acceleration control of super-tall buildings with vibration reduction substructures"

*Aug. 14. 2016, Paper uploaded "Experimental investigation of RC beam-slab substructures against progressive collapse subject to an edge-column-removal scenario"

*May. 14. 2016, Paper uploaded "Parameter determination and damage assessment for THA-based regional seismic damage prediction of multi-story buildings"

*Apr. 06. 2016, Paper uploaded "Experimental investigation of progressive collapse resistance of one-way reinforced concrete beam-slab substructures under a middle-column-removal scenario"

*Mar. 28. 2016, Paper uploaded "Application of the FEMA-P58 methodology for regional earthquake loss prediction"