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Earthquake Eingeering
Progressive collapse
Fire & Impact
Structural computational model
Department of Civil Engineering
Tsinghua University
Beijing, PR China,100084
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Study on the Earthquake Behavior of Concrete Structures
Design Methods for Collapse Prevention
Collapse Simulation and Structural Robustness
Study on Progressive Collapse of RC Structures
New Structural System and Design Method
Structural Damage Simulation----Numerical and Experimental Analysis

Earthquake Engineering

Scenario simulation of urban seismic damage (City-scale nonliear time-history analysis)

Real-time Earthquake Damage Assessment using City-scal Time-history Analysis (RED-ACT)

High-fidelity Seismic Damage Visualization of New Beichuan

Seismic analysis and design of tall and super-tall buildings

Study on the Seismic Collapse Prevention

Study on New Aseismic Structures

Study on the Seismic Behavior of Structures

Seismic Behavior Simulation of Bridges and Others

Progressive collapse

Study on Progressive Collapse of Building Structures

Study on Progressive Collapse of Bridge Structures

Fire & Impact

Study on the Fire induced Structural Collapse

Simulation for the Truck-Bridge Impact

Study on the Fire Behavior of Concrete Structures

Structural computational models
Lu-Qu Plastic Hinge Model
Multi-layer Shell Element for Shear Wall

THUFIBER----Fiber Model for Reinforced Concrete Frames

Disaster Prevention and Mitigationl Turnover Simulation for the Basement of Tall Buildings under Blast
Dynamic Analysis of Blast Resistant Doors
Numerical method for concrete Analysis of the Cracking in Concrete with Meshless Method
Analysis of Concrete Using Discrete Element Method
Study on The Damage Evolution of Rebar-Concrete Interface
Micro plane constitutive model for concrete
2- RC Constitutive Relationship Subroutine "RCFER2002"
New structural material and Fiber reinforced polymer Aseismic structures with high strength steel
CFRP sensors
Debonding failure strength in RC beams strengthened with FRP for shear
Design model for Intermediate crack induced debonding in RC beams strengthened with FRP plates
Finite Element model for Intermediate crack induced debonding in RC beams strengthened with FRP plates
Bond-slip model for FRP-Concrete interface
Meso-scalel Analysis for the Interface between FRP sheet & concrete
Finite Element Analysis for the Interface between FRP sheet & Concrete
Finite Element Analysis for FRP Concrete Columns
Study on the Fluid-Solid Coupled Wind-induced Vibration of CFRP Cable
Interfacial failure analysis for FRP composite decks
Nonlinear analysis of complex structures Spatial Analysis of Prestressed Composite Steel-Concrete Two-way Slab
Spatial Analysis for Building Assembled with Sandwich Wall Panel and Special-Shaped Column
Analysis for the Joint of Steel Tube Concrete Column
Fast Modelling for Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Experiment and analysis for a large-scale bridge model
Simulation for the Construction Process of Deep Pit
Others Automatic Digital Survey & Pattern Recognition System
Optimization for Structures
Subroutine for Nonlinear Formulas Based on Preprocess Method and Arc-Length Method
Analysis of Large Deformation Problems with Element Free Galerkin Method



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