Analysis of Large Deformation Problems with Element Free Galerkin Method

Analysis of Large Deformation Problem with Mesh Free Galerkin Method

Structural Engineers,2003. 66.Sup,18~22

Abstract Meshless method has obviously advantage in large deformation area, because there is no mesh needed, and no mesh distortion happens. Large deformation for plane problems are analyzed in this paper with mesh free galerkin method (EFGM). In order to improve the speed and the stability of computation, the three basic problems for moving least square method (MLS) in EFGM, which are the base function, the weight function and the influence area, are discussed in details, respectively. The values of each parameter used in this analysis are also listed. The examples show that the EFGM can solve some special problems that are difficult for the finite element method.

Keywords Mesh free galerkin method; large deformation; meshless method

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Nolinear analysis the large deformation problems with meshless method (Element Free Galerkin Method)

Large Deformation Problems with Element Free Galerkin Method

Load Case

Compress Deformation (Compress Ratio 87.5%)

Compress Deformation (Compress Ratio 87.5%)

Tension Deformation (Tension Ratio 425%)

Tension Deformation (Tension Ratio 425%)




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