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Study on the Earthquake Behavior of Concrete Structures
Design Methods for Collapse Prevention
Collapse Simulation and Structural Robustness
Study on Progressive Collapse of RC Structures
New Structural System and Design Method
Structural Damage Simulation----Numerical and Experimental Analysis

New Structural System and Design Method

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Technical Papers

Paper Title
Building Design Method
Quantifying the seismic resilience of two tall buildings designed using Chinese and US codes Earthquakes and Structures, 2016
Development and application of a simplified model for the design of a super-tall mega-braced frame-core tube building Engineering Structures, 2016  
A comparative case study on seismic design of tall RC frame-core tube structures in China and USA The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, 2015  
Influence of the soil-structure interaction on the seismic collapse resistance of super-tall buildings Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2014  
Development of a simplified model and seismic energy dissipation in a super-tall building Engineering Structures, 2014  
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Comparison and selection of ground motion intensity measures for seismic design of super high-rise buildings Advances in Structural Engineering, 2013  
An improved ground motion intensity measure for super high-rise buildings Science China Technological Sciences, 2013  
Single-degree-of-freedom hysteretic model for collapse analysis of building structures Engineering Mechanics, 2012 Download
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Study on the effect of strengthening a typical RC frame in Wenchuan Earthquake with attached substructures Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering, 2011 Download
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Seismic performance evaluation using nonlinear time history analysis with three-dimensional structural model for a hybrid frame-core tube structure Journal of Building Structures, 2009 Download
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Study on the Accuracy and Applicability of the Pushover Analysis Earthquake Resistant Engineering and Retrofitting, 2008 Download
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Long Term Deformation Analysis of Shrinkage and Creep of Steel-Concrete Composite beams Building Structure, 2006 Download
Bridge Design Methods
Scaled Model Test for Collision between Over-height Truck and Bridge Superstructure International Journal of Impact Engineering, 2012  
Collision between Over-high Trucks and Bridge Superstructures: Damage Mechanism and Impact Loads Engineering Mechanics, 2009 Download
Prediction of bridge bearing capacity based on high-precision nonlinear finite element analysis and fast modeling technology Journal of Lanzhou Jiaotong University, 2009 Download
Failure Modes and Load Calculation of Collision Between Over-high Truck and Bridge Superstructure China Journal of Highway and Transport, 2009 Download
Structural System and Material
Experimental study and finite element analysis of energy dissipating outriggers Advances in Structural Engineering, 2016
Floor acceleration control of super-tall buildings with vibration reduction substructures The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings,2016
Seismic behavior and modeling of steel reinforced concrete (SRC) walls Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics  
Evaluating method of element importance of structural system based on generalized structural stiffness Journal of Architectural and Civil Engineering, 2010 Download
High strength/performance structural materials and the developments of modern engineering structures and the design theory Proc. 1st International Forum on Advances in Structural Engineering, 2006 Download
Distributed TLDs in RC floors and their vibration reduction efficiency Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, 2008 Download
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Numerical Simulation for the Hysteresis Behavior of Prestressed Conrete Structures under Cyclic Loads Earthquake Resistant Engineering, 2006 Download
Studies on distributed TLD in RC floor and its vibration reduction effect Proc. 7th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 2006 Download



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