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Study on the Earthquake Behavior of Concrete Structures
Design Methods for Collapse Prevention
Collapse Simulation and Structural Robustness
Study on Progressive Collapse of RC Structures
New Structural System and Design Method
Structural Damage Simulation----Numerical and Experimental Analysis
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博士学位论文: FRP-混凝土界面行为研究 2004.10.
1 绪论 2 FRP-混凝土界面力学性能研究综述
3 基于宏观单元的界面力学性能的数值模拟 4 基于精细单元的界面力学性能的数值模拟
5 界面粘结-滑移本构关系 6 抗弯加固剥离研究综述
7 抗弯加固剥离的分析 8 抗剪加固剥离研究综述
9 抗剪加固剥离的分析 10 结论



Experimental Study on the Damage Evolution of Rebar-Concrete Interface (PDF 全文下载)

本科毕业设计答辩ppt(PDF 全文下载)


Lu Xinzheng's personal homepage. Nonlinear analysis for concrete. Debonding behavior of FRP-concrete interface. Finite element analysis for complex structure. Examples for finite element software. 陆新征的个人主页. 混凝土非线性数值分析. FRP-混凝土界面剥离分析. 复杂结构有限元分析. 有限元软件应用算例.